The Best-Selling Guide to Spiritual Interpretations of Your Dreams

For nearly 40 years, Clementina, an acknowledged authority on Dream Interpretation and spiritual matters, has graced the airways with her extraordinary gift of sight.

In The Best-Selling Guide to Spiritual Interpretations of Your Dreams, Clementina guides the reader through various types of nightly visions and provides them with profound spiritual interpretations and positive affirmations.

WNWS / Radio 790 AM: “Her depth of knowledge in dream interpretation, out-of-body experiences and other things of a paranormal nature is greater than anyone whom I have interviewed in my 10+ years of doing talk radio. Additionally, her warmth and genuine caring about people comes across loud and clear on the radio.”


Oh Fair Maiden

The Time Has Come To Remember Who You Truly Are

Often, after a soul incarnates on earth, it quickly forgets who it really is, and perceives itself exclusively as a physical form. The individual unknowingly spiritually falls asleep and begins to function daily on a superficial man made level, severing its day-to-day communication with God and its own true spiritual self.

If you have been searching for the true meaning of your life, don't know what your purpose is, have been unable to connect with God or your own higher consciousness, then you will greatly benefit by listening to the Oh Fair Maiden transformational and healing CD with Transcript.


Miracles And a Prophetic Message from an Angel

Based on a true story that took place in a small rural town called Blue Ridge, in Texas beginning in 1995 – and the countless healings, miracles and stories of faith that followed and touched the lives of every person who knew her and witnessed her miraculous spiritual transformation. Clementina’s profound and inspirational story begins at the age of 39, when God asked her to leave everything behind that she had ever known or accomplished and told her to follow Him.

Miracles: And A Prophetic Message From An Angel – is a rare opportunity for you to read the phenomenal story of her journey and spiritual transformation into becoming one of God’s own personal healers and also to bear witness to the countless miracles that took place in Blue Ridge, Texas.



Jesus And A Roman Centurion: A Past Life Memoir

A Profound Past Life Regression that Captures the Very Essence of Jesus

Based on a past-life regression that captures the life-altering moment when a Roman Centurion locates the two-year-old Christ child and ultimately chooses to betray everything he had ever believed in or known.

What would you do if someone other than yourself looked back at you from your own mirror? Clementina’s image had mysteriously vanished. And it wasn’t until she agreed to come face-to-face with this new image of herself that she was able to recapture her previous life as a Roman Centurion who lived nearly 2,000 years ago. And the life-altering moment that occurred when he looked into the eyes of an extraordinary child – named Jesus.


Dear Clementina,

"While you were talking to me I could see a brilliant light around you. I also feel that you really are nonexistent, but at the same time you are here. I feel that I can touch you, but at the same time I don’t see a real you to touch. You seem to be more of a presence in the spiritual nature than of a human nature."  - Cristina B.

Clementina Marie Giovannetti

Best-Selling Author      Gifted Healer      Spiritual Teacher